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Our Vision

Athlete Headquarters Club's mission is to develop the game of volleyball in the NW Ohio/SE Michigan area while continuing to develop good character in all of our athletes.

Our Philosophy

Athlete Headquarters Club's philosophy is to create an environment that every athlete can be successful in. We create our teams based on the needs of our players, because to us they come first.

Message from our Directors

Our mission here at Athlete Headquarters is to create a strong technical foundation in all of our players and help them grow as individuals. Which will allow them to succeed at whatever they pursue in the future outside of volleyball as well. We accomplish this by providing every player a safe environment in which to achieve their highest potential.

Our club was established on the beliefs that every athlete, no matter the skill level, should have a chance to experience the game of volleyball. We welcome all of our athletes with the same welcoming feel the second they walk into our doors. We created this club to improve the quality of volleyball around our area and also improve the lives of each of our athletes.

We are a young club, established in 2017 in Sylvania, Ohio by a group of people with the same vision and love for volleyball.  We also want to provide the opportunity for everyone to come together,  improve and share their love of the game. Our growth has been tremendous and we are looking forward to many years of continued success.

We aim to keep our costs low so everyone can partake in this opportunity without having to worry about breaking the bank, but still provide all of our athletes with a knowledgeable and experienced coaching staff, well maintained and state of the art training facilities and equipment, personable trainers, name brand apparel, as well as exceptional business management.