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Athlete Headquarters Club Lacrosse

Athlete Headquarters Boys and Girls Club Lacrosse

Through our club lacrosse program we look to provide athletes with the best resources to improve their all round performance on the field and off the field. The foundation of all of our club sports programs at Athlete Headquarters is built upon coaches who want to advance the ability and character of todays athlete. 

We look forward to providing the Northwest Ohio region with a program in a class of its own offering box lacrosse, skills clinics, positional trainings, strength and conditioning, and travel teams.  The Athlete HQ team is very excited about our expansion into lacrosse as we look to impact the Northwest Ohio lacrosse community for years to come. 

More information for our travel teams and training programs to be released soon!

Travel Lacrosse Schedule

Fall 2022 Schedule:

Summer training will begin in May following the athletes high school seasons. All Athlete HQ lacrosse teams will participate in our strength and conditioning training two times per week along with our team practices two times per week. (Tues/Thurs practice)

- Two Strength and Conditionings Per Week

- Two Practices Per week 

- One Positional Training Per Week

2022 Tournament Schedule: (Boys Teams)

The Fall Brawl: October 15th - 16th (Lansing, Mi) 

The Boo Bash Michigan: October 29th - 30th (Oxford, MI)

2022 Tournament Schedule: (Girls Teams):

The Fall Brawl: October 15th - 16th (Lansing, Mi) 

The Boo Bash Michigan: October 29th - 30th (Oxford, MI)


Travel Lacrosse Fees

The total fee to play = $550 (Per Season) 

The fee can be broken down into payment plans suited for the customer. 

The total fee includes the following: 

- Team Uniform 

- 2 Tournaments

- 2 Total Practices Per Week

- 2  Total Strength and Conditioning Trainings Per Week 

Personal Skill Training

Personal Skill Training is conducted in 45 minute sessions. The private skill training is positional based. Based on the skill set of the athlete, the private coach will provide a personalized training program for the athlete to strengthen their specific weaknesses.

Questions regarding private training can be emailed to